MKSearch test site

This is a test site for the MKSearch project, it does not contain any meaningful content, only test documents that may be invalid HTML and links that may refer to non-existent content. These faults are intentional and usually indicated in the link text or document headings.

These pages are intended to test a variety of linking schemes and document markup. They are a periodically synchronized copy of the source documents in the project Subversion repository at /test/html.

External anchor

This section is to test that external anchors may be ignored or spidered.

Follow this link for the main MKSearch project site.

Fragment anchors

This section is to test that fragment anchor references are not treated as new resources that are different from their host documents.

Relative anchors

This section is to test that relative URL references are interpreted correctly.

Other areas

These subdirectories contain sets of documents to test the following aspects of the MKSearch system: